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AALAS Certification

Are you thinking about certification? If not, why not? Certification is a goal that allows a technician to easily display the knowledge about the field that they've gained. AALAS Certification proves that you have the will to reach a goal and helps provide job mobility to technicians looking to further their careers. In general, a certified technician is going to be considered over non certified technicians for jobs and promotions.

SEAALAS recognizes technicians who achieve certification within the past year at the annual awards banquet, but the real recognition is in how much farther a certification will take you. Certifications can get you raises or bonuses in some institutions, and may be required for moving up in others.

Many of our SEAALAS institutions will not only pay for your certification exam, they will also provide you access to the AALAS learning library, which is one of the best tools for preparing for any of the certification exams. If you have access and haven't logged on, what are you waiting for? The ALL provides you a very similar experience, in that the exams on the ALL are all electronic multiple choice. The questions are also the most up to date material.

Certifications available to technicians include:

  • RALAT - Registered Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician
  • RLAT - Registered Laboratory Animal Technician
  • RLATg - Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist
  • CMAR - Certified Manager of Animal Resources

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