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SEAALAS Commercial Member Directory 

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Allentown Inc                        

Rep: Scott Hoy                  Phone: 609-259-7951  Email:

Rep: Sarah Rovezzi          Phone: 609-286-4463   Email:    

Rep: Johnny Wilson          Phone: 610-701-1878   Email:     

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply 

Rep: Peggy Nahorski       Phone: 314-308-6999   Email:

Rep: Shanna Wilcox        Phone:                              Email:



Rep: Mitchell Kanarek     Phone: 609-530-1055   Email:

Rep: Nancy McCormick   Phone: 516-781-0755   Email:

Andersons Lab Bedding 

Rep: Colleen Kander      Phone: 419-377-3639          Email:

ARES Scientific


Rep: Ryan Coutant         Phone: 404-576-1686     Email:

Rep: Michael O'Connor  Phone: 919-909-4842     Email:

Image result for a-tune


Rep: J. Patrick Guider, Jr.     Phone: 512-589-4331   Email:

Rep: Bryan Guider                 Phone: 424-202-2317   Email:

Rep: Maty-Celine N/Diaye    Phone: 424-202-2317   Email:

Image result for bioserv


Rep: Dr. Karen Froberg-Fejko   Phone: 908-996-2155    Email:

Rep: Karena Thek                       Phone: 908-255-9145    Email:

Image result for britz and company

Britz & Company

Rep: Mike Bassett                   Phone: 307-331-4161      Email:

Image result for carter 2 systems

Carter 2 Systems

Rep: Jerry Carter               Phone:  503-844-4220     Email:

Rep: Bob MacGregor         Phone: 207-338-4377      Email:

Image result for charles river laboratories logo

Charles River Laboratories

Rep: Marc Hendrix             Phone: 978-944-7453      Email:

Rep: Wendy Brandner        Phone: 978-430-4034      Email:

Image result for covance inc


Rep: Bryan Lee              Phone: 608-301-6957          Email:


Data Sciences International

Rep: Lorie Boyd                   Phone: 651-414-5542    Email:

Avidity Science 

Rep: Arnie Markwald    Phone: 262-538-5181          Email:

Rep: Chip Ahrens          Phone: 352-213-0745          Email:

Image result for Envigo


Rep: Morgan Holmes   Phone: 919-400-1418          Email:


Image result for getinge group usa 

Getinge Group

Rep: Bret Zaro               Phone: 770-722-2389          Email:

Image result for highlands biomed

Highlands BioMed

Rep: Don Basil               Phone: 716-751-3100         Email:

Rep: Steven Blevins      Phone: 423-677-8624         Email:

Image result for idexx bioresearch

IDEXX BioResearch

Rep: Kayla Johnson         Phone: 214-354-7717          Email:

Image result for innovive


Rep: Warren Riley        Phone: 317-501-4341          Email:

Image result for lab diet

Lab Diet

Rep: Sarah Roberts            Phone: 765-914-9618         Email:

Rep: Jessie Chouinard       Phone: 772-766-3389        Email:

Image result for lab products inc

Lab Products

Rep: Shannon Shelton        Phone:           Email:

Image result for labex of ma inc


Rep: Edward Russo      Phone: 508-755-2243          Email:

Rep: Maria Cariglia       Phone: 508-755-2243          Email: 

Lab Supply

Rep: Kelly Ham             Phone: 817-422-8461

Rep: Jason Raynor       Phone: 800-262-5258          Email:

Rep: Samantha Belcher   Phone: 800-262-5258      Email:


Life Science Products 

Rep: Mark Smith          Phone: 410-778-6474            Email:

Rep: Vincent Lemken  Phone: 410-810-2100            Email:  

Image result for marshall bioresources

Marshall BioResources

Rep: Pam Huber           Phone: 315-587-2295            Email:

Rep: Andy Smith          Phone: 315-587-2295            Email:

Image result for medline


Rep: Erin Moreau          Phone: 678-294-7526         Email:

Image result for pharmacal logo + lab animal Science


Rep: Kevin Cormier         Phone: 203-233-9024         Email: 

Rep: Ken Shapiro             Phone: 1-800-243-5350     Email:

  Image result for primus sterilizer

Primus Sterilizer Co. 

Rep: Rich Apolinar          Phone: 402-344-4200            Email:

Image result for quip laboratories

Quip Laboratories 

Rep:  Joesph Thomas     Phone: 302-545-7504         Email:

Rep:  Donna Monroe      Phone: 302-545-7504         Email:

Shepherd Specialty Papers

Rep: Rene Ketelsen   Phone: 781-826-1581        Email:

Image result for SE Lab Group logo


Rep: Michael O'Connor          Phone: 919-909-4842          Email:

Rep: Manville Michael            Phone: 479-549-8724          Email:

Image result for steris


Rep: Paula Cannella      Phone: 813-217-3055           Email:

Rep: Benjamin Gomez  Phone: 440-525-6956           Email:

Image result for taconic


Rep: Patrick Jones        Phone: 518-751-6026          Email:

Image result for tecniplast usa

 Tecniplast USA

Rep: Jon Ledford          Phone: 484-798-7687              Email:

Rep: Baxton Vaughan        Phone: 484-889-7158          Email:

Image result for the jackson laboratory logo

 The Jackson Laboratory

Rep: Ella Torian          Phone: 207-266-8685                Email: 

 Image result for thermal product solutions

Thermal Products Solutions

Rep: Robert Davis         Phone:                 Email:

Image result for thoren caging logo

Thoren Caging Systems

Rep: Andy Minenna     Phone:                                        Email:

Rep: Sally Thomas       Phone: 570-455-5041 x 202    Email:

Image result for vetequip logo


Rep: Bob Schrock       Phone: 925-200-6768              Email:

Image result for viraTek inc logo


Rep: Kathy Hitzelberg    Phone: 540-905-5284         Email:

Rep: Richard Hitzelberg Phone: 540-905-5284         Email: 

Image result for xpressbio logo


Rep: Mo Hashemzadeh  Phone: 301-288-2444          Email:

Rep: William Boteler     Phone: 301-288-2444           Email:

 Image result for zeigler brothers

 Zeigler Bros., Inc.

Rep: Priscilla Shirley            Phone:                                      Email:

2018 Commercial Representative: Joe Thomas, Quip Labs 

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