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Charles River Laboratories

Technical Trainer III 

We are seeking a qualified Technical Trainer III for our Insourcing Solutions site in Atlanta, GA


  *   Direct, schedule, perform and document all relevant Task-specific technical, husbandry and administrative training for all site contract positions in coordination with the Statement of Work;  confer with management, supervisors and employees to gain knowledge of work situations requiring technical training and to better understand changes in site SOP's, procedures, regulations, business initiatives and technologies.
  *   Perform continuing education and training to maintain and enhance employee skills and capabilities, including SOP or ASP revisions, animal welfare topics, operations and maintenance, and technical advancements.
  *   Conduct AALAS certification training, monthly health & safety training; conduct and/or coordinate ASP-directed training.
*        Develop/maintain/update Task-specific position training matrices and syllabus. Formulate teaching outline and determine instructional methods such as individual training, group instruction, demonstrations, meetings and workshops.
*        Select or develop teaching aids such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference works. Work with selected management representatives to develop adjunct training team members to be qualified trainers in specific job functions and or topics.
*        Conduct training sessions covering specified areas such as on-the-job training, refresher training, in laboratory animal techniques. Test trainees to measure progress and to evaluate effectiveness of technical training. Report on progress of employees under guidance during training periods.
*        Provide didactic and hands-on technical training on SOPs Monitor technical methods used by employees and make on the spot corrections. Assist employees with problems concerning "how to" perform specific tasks related to their positions.
*        Make suggestions on improving technical procedures in the animal facilities. Maintain accurate and complete database for training records.
*        Perform quality assurance responsibilities for the contract site, including:

*        Inspecting procedures, reports, facilities, equipment and data for on-going administrative, husbandry and technical-related functions relevant to contract performance and research mission support for adherence to site protocols and SOPs.

*        Scheduling and conducting phase inspections and personnel performance audits to determine compliance with internal SOPs and study protocols.
*        Develop effective partnership with the CRTC (Charles River Training Center) team to develop course materials and receives feedback.
*        Actively interact with customers as required to solve customer requests, inquiries, and complaints and to provide technical assistance. Prepares and submits written reports, charts, logs and inventories as requested by Supervisor.
*        Occasionally provide technical support, animal husbandry, and assist with research procedures as necessary to respond to surge in work load or personnel shortages


  *   Education:   Bachelor of Science degree or Associate of Arts degree in Veterinary Technology or equivalent college level program.
  *   Experience:  Minimum of three (3) years related animal care and handling experience.  One (1) year technical experience performing the duties and responsibilities detailed above preferred.  Previous training and successful "hands -on" performance of animal care technical procedures including, but not limited to:
*        Rodents/Ferrets: Handling and restraint, identification methods, sexing, tissue collection (blood, tails, various organs), administration of medications and treatment.
*        Rabbits:  Handling and restraint, blood collection, basic injections /administration of medications and treatment. Experience with group housing desired.
*        Non-human Primates:  Utilization of squeeze cages, transferring, TB tests, blood collection, basic injections / administration of medications, treatments and anesthesia, identification (tattoo) proper use of bite/scratch kits.
*        Farm Species and Canines: Handling and restrain, identification methods, blood collection, basic injections/administration of medications and treatment.
*        General techniques:   Surgical pack preparation, proper scrub-in technique, proper physical/physiological observation, gas and/or autoclave sterilization (use of machines and rationale for use of each type), drug dosage calculation, pre-surgical animal prep, gestation periods of various species,  proper use of anesthesia machine (portable & fixed), anesthesia monitoring, safe handling and restraint techniques, proper use of PPE , euthanasia, blood collection and injection techniques - all species, all sites.
*        Experience with rodents and NHP required, all other species is desired

  *   Certification/Licensure:  AALAS certification at the Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) level.

An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above.

Charles River offers a wide range of benefits and a competitive salary. Please apply online at Job ID 36744

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Lab Tech/Containment

The University of Georgia's Animal Health Research Center has an open Lab Animal Tech/Containment position.  This is an animal care position in an AALAC accredited bio-containment animal facility, the Animal Health Research Center(AHRC). Incumbent will perform all aspects of animal husbandry utilizing multiple species of laboratory and agricultural animals in BSL-2, ABSL-3 and BSL-3ag environments.

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